Vehicle's identity

Either participant or organizer of country rallies with old cars or old elegance competitions, the identity card of is designed for you.

To beautify your collector vehicle or old cars gathering, the Oldtimer identity card fits any older vehicle. With this vintage and distinguished touch, you offer your oldtimer or your meeting of vintage cars, an essential visibility accessory.

The identity card for old vehicles is made of durable and waterproof material. You can affix it on any collection vehicle thanks to two modes of attachment: suction cup or hook.

To value your dear oldtimer, or to offer collectors of your oldtimer’s club a real mark of recognition, suggests 5 models of Oldtimer identity cards with or without photo.

This information plate is customizable online, viewable and available individually.

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Your Oltimer print factory

Offers for your events and exhibitions, different products to present and highlight your old-timer regardless of the type of car.
All these articles are customisable directly online with your own pictures and texts that you can modify at will.
Once the customisation is complete, you will be able to see the result directly on the screen.
Feel free to browse our different models and test them.

Rally number

The Rallye Number sticker, elegantly finishes the decoration of the old cars of your event. It is also a communication tool. For an old-fashioned tourist rally or a retro automobile race or a meeting of enthusiasts of engines, your old bats will be well identifiable on the roads of our regions with this vintage Rallye Number sticker.

The Rally Number of comes in four versions, from the simple number to the complete indications of your oldtimer gathering.

Easily repositioned, this quality white vinyl sticker offers collectors of oldtimers a very neat final touch.

The Rally Number is placed on the doors or on the hoods, front or rear. Adaptable to your needs, the Rally Number offers three variants and a model directly customizable online by yourself.

Order even sets of identical numbers according to the number of stickers envisaged per old vehicle.

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Rally plate

With its retro design in any way you wish, our Rally Plate, vintage car rally plate, makes your old car rally a quality vintage event.

The Rally Plate of respects the traditional line of rally plates.

Made of weather-resistant white plastic, this rally plate offers a wide band or side, to enhance your sponsor, your town or your oldtimer’s club.

With eight models, you will necessarily find one for your sports rally or your country ride of oldtimer vehicles.

With your texts and images, you compose and visualize !

It's quick and easy !

We also realize your composition. The Rally Plate for Oldtimers is a distinguished decorative accessory attached to the back or front with two supplied clamps. Available from 1 plate.

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